Redwing Housing Co-op


Our vision is to build an inspirational, creative and ecologically minded community that will explore the meanings of connection, regeneration, co-sufficiency and resilience.

We will provide secure, simple sustainable living, encouraging a diverse group of people to connect with each other through supportive, caring relationships and creativity. We will have a positive impact on the natural environment and the wider community.

Initial expression of interest

Send us your answers to our questionnaire, with a letter telling us who you are (including any dependants and animals), why you would like to apply to join Redwing Housing Co-op, what your current housing situation is and what your future needs are.  If we've advertised a closing date for applications on the front page of the website, be sure to get your applications to us before the closing date.

If you are a couple, please send two completed questionnaires, rather than one person speaking on behalf of two.

The questionnaire is here.

Please give as much information as you like, telling us anything of interest about yourself. You don't have to say much, but you must complete the Prospective Member Questionnaire. This asks you some more detailed questions about you and what you want to do at Redwing Housing Co-op. Even though we might already know you through volunteering or friends, we do need this fixed-format information so that we can fairly decide if we want to consider you joining as a member/director/tenant.

How to come and visit us

Please don't just-show-up.