Redwing Housing Co-op


Redwing Housing Co-operative Limited is a newly incorporated Fully Mutual  Housing Cooperative, registered on 5th December 2019. 

The aim of Redwing Housing Co-operative is to provide rented live-work studio accommodation for its members.

We are looking for a site in West Cornwall where the co-operative can grow its own food, with land that can be set aside for re-wilding. Redwing Contemporary Art CIC will collaborate with Redwing Housing cooperative to manage the community space with plant-based cafe, exhibition, rehearsal and event space which will also be available to the wider community. 

In February 2020 our core members undertook training in Consensus Decision Making with Rhizome Coop who traveled from Bristol to deliver a day of training at Redwing Gallery in Penzance. 
This free workshop was also opened up to people from the local community who were interested in community living.

Our core members are currently working on developing our business plan and searching for a site for the co-operative's first property. 

  • Fully mutual housing co-ops are those where all members are tenants, and all tenants are members, where all investments made by members are non-transferable and non-withdrawable. This means that all assets are in common ownership and individuals are not simply using the co-op as a form of personal investment. Redwing Housing Co-operative property will remain in common ownership from generation to generation.
  • The co-operative will provide affordable private accommodation with shared communal space for its members. Utility costs will be shared to foster a sense of community and co-operation that supports personal autonomy while saving money and carbon footprints.
  • Plant-based meals, work and leisure activities will be shared, encouraging tenants to feel less isolated, part of a healthy community and to lower carbon emissions.
  • Shared equipment and transport will reduce costs and tenants' ecological footprints.